Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Will Abraham Visit Equal Recruiting Gold for IU

Tom Crean is trying for recruiting magic. Will it work? And even if it does, is 6-9 Moses Abraham the impact big man Crean needs to turn the Indiana basketball program around?

So many questions, so few answers.

For now, though, consider that Crean was persuasive enough in the last few days to convince Abraham to delay his decision not once, but twice. He got IU into Abraham’s top-two finalist list along with favored Georgetown.

Now that the one-week contact period is here, Crean can actually visit Abraham, which is what he did by flying to Washington D.C. on Tuesday. Crean did well enough so that Abraham will wait on choosing a school until after making an official visit to Bloomington. Abraham has already visited Maryland and Tennessee. He lives in the D.C. area and has visited Georgetown multiple times.

Yes, the college basketball buzz centers on the NCAA Tournament, but the Hoosiers weren’t close to making that tourney for the second straight year. So Crean continues to Tweet his message so recruits and fans won’t forget the Hoosiers. One message said, “We need to get the guys added who can help us get back to Selection Sunday. Another said, “Size, toughness and athleticism."

Crean knows he needs a big guy and he believes Abraham is that guy. The key is how raw is Abraham. He’s from Ghana and hasn’t been in the U.S. long enough for recruiting experts to rate him He is apparently good enough for high-profile college coaches to seek his services. But does that mean he has enough offensive polish, defensive awareness and overall savvy to thrive in the rugged Big Ten as a freshman?

Crean has gone the Africa route before, with little to show for it. Tijan Jobe and Bawa Muniru barely played during IU’s 10-21 season.

Let’s face it. If you can’t play much on a bad team, who can you play for?

Anyway, Jobe has finished his eligibility. Muniru has three more years left.

Abraham might be more developed than those two players. He might pick up things faster. We won’t know that until next season, regardless of which school he ultimately picks.

For now, this is what we do know –- IU needs a dominant big man who can thrive right away; Crean is making a fierce recruiting pitch; Abraham plans to officially visit IU soon.

Magic, it seems, will have to wait.


  1. Look man, if Crean wants him then that's all we need to know. The fact that Crean has formed a coupe is impressive. Although we need to land him as per Crean, "no more moral victories".

    Crean said in a recent presser that we need a guy that can get in the lane and create havoc. I agree that that tangible would do wonder for team chemistry. Form what I've seen Of Moses, he might not part the red sea but he certainly will create space in the post. He will be a major defensive presence and a very strong rebounder (both sides). Offense will develope, especially as guards start creating in the lane.

    I would go on record to say that Moses would be the biggest big get since DJ. There, question answered. Gold it is.

  2. Biggest get since DJ? You are a fool.