Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mystery Solved? -- McLeod Talks

At last, the mystery is solved. At last Roshown McLeod speaks and we have understanding, clarity and resolution in the Indiana assistant basketball coach’s sudden firing.

Or do we?

According to Dustin Dopirak from the Bloomington Herald-Times, here is McLeod’s long-awaited statement regarding his dismissal:

“I greatly appreciate the opportunity afforded me by Indiana University. It gave me the chance to work with some amazing student athletes over the last two years. I wish the best for IU as they move forward.”

What? You were expecting Housewives of New Jersey dirt?

You spend basically a week coming up with a statement, courtesy of a Philadelphia public relations company called Amira Shiraz, Inc., and that’s the best you can do? Come on. McLeod apparently didn’t have time to include a desire for world peace and a booming economy.

If you’re looking for deeper meaning, consider that McLeod’s statement never included any of the IU coaches or administrators with that “amazing” tag. Okay, it’s not much of a deeper meaning, but work with us here.

Consider that coach Tom Crean, while also being vague, has said the qualities he wants in a new coach include “pulling in the same direction, trust, loyalty.” One can assume Crean perceived those attributes to be lacking from McLeod.

Yes, we know the dangers of assuming, but again, work with us here.

It would have been a lot more fun if Crean and McLeod would have verbally gone toe to toe (He said WHAT? He did this to WHOM and for HOW LONG?), but that would not have been in either’s best interest. McLeod has to move on with his life and career. Crean has to get the IU program back to championship-winning ways. He needs to find a new assistant coach and whether the new guy has a Hoosier connection (can you say Dane Fife, Tom Coverdale, Michael Lewis, Calbert Cheaney –- hey, don’t you love it when we toss out names) or not, he needs to be the right fit for Crean and the university.

And, if Crean REALLY wants to make a stir, the new coach doesn’t have to be a guy at all.


  1. I posted a comment 2 or 3 nights ago and it did'nt get posted,but here we go again! Lets see if this one will make it? I would love to see Calbert Cheaney become an assistant coach at I.U. I realize it's probably a long shot at best,but I do remember reading somewhere about a year or so ago that Calbert would like to get into coaching and we all know that he was one of the greatest post players of all time collegiately! Very anxiously awaiting to see who the next coach will be!

  2. calbert? how bout the benson? we really need big guy help. just hope who ever he gets can get these kids playin they way they should.

  3. Michigan State shared the Big Ten title with Ohio State but not Purdue? No respect.

  4. Heard today that Tyler Zeller was unhappy at North Carolina and looking to transfer,possibly to I.U. He would have to sit out a year,but would be eligible when his brother Cody arrives on campus! Heard this from three different sources! Has anyone else heard this? Probably just wishful thinking!

  5. It does'nt have to be a big guy to help our big guys,but that would definitely be a plus! They are both Indiana guys and that would also be a plus when you think in terms of recruiting and such.

  6. First of all everyone is making it seem like McLeod is the 1st coach to leave Crean's staff! I heard from a source close to the program McLeod was going to leave anyway and Crean tried to beat him to the punch so the program wouldn't look bad. Crean has the highest assistant turnover by any coach in college whether he was winning or losing in the last decade!

    Second anyone ever thought that McLeod got the highest rated kids Crean has ever seen on the campus of a 6-25 team and Crean blew it and is using McLeod as a scape goat?

  7. How many of those that left Crean's staff(s) went on to be head coaches?