Wednesday, March 24, 2010

IU Recruiting Intrigue Keeps Spring Interesting

It’s spring, which at some schools means March Madness, at other schools spring football practice. At Indiana, it’s a little bit of football, a little bit of basketball recruiting intrigue, which makes it good to get up in the morning because who knows what the day will bring.

Could it be a big-time shot blocker or key inside player?

Let’s take a look.

We do know -– courtesy of the efforts of Mike Pegram and Justin Dopirak –- all about 6-9 Moses Abraham, the four-star recruit who spent the last two days visiting IU.

And thanks to John Decker of, we get indications that 6-9 junior college player John Wilkins is set to visit Bloomington as well. Yes, that’s the same John Wilkins who has reportedly committed to Iowa State, but in the drama that is recruiting, committing doesn’t guarantee signing.

Abraham spent a couple days in Bloomington and that’s a tribute to the persuasive power of IU coach Tom Crean. Abraham figured to be a lock for Georgetown or even Maryland. Both schools are close to his Washington D.C. home at the moment, although how much of a home that is given that Abraham has only been in the country a couple of months after arriving from Africa is uncertain.

Anyway, Abraham seemed set to announce for Georgetown until Crean swooped in at the last minute and convinced Abraham to at least visit Bloomington before making his decision. Abraham did, and now we’ll see if that leads to a Hoosier home run or near miss.

In the meantime, Wilkins also is in the picture. He, too, provides the inside size the Hoosiers need. As a junior college player, he brings some extra maturity, which will help, although many junior college players need a year to adapt to major college life.

Wilkins is the son of former NBA player Jeff Wilkins, so at least genetically he would figure to have a promising upside. He had originally committed to Bradley, but because of eligibility issues went to Southeastern Community College in Iowa. He ran into more eligibility issues because he previously played for a Belgium club team (he’s originally from Europe) that paid some of its players, so didn’t play for Southeastern.

For now, at least, Wilkins has three years of eligibility for some team’s benefit. Will it be for the Hoosiers? And what of Abraham? Those are questions best answered, for now, by patience.


  1. "Tom Cream" I am assuming you did not mean to do that.

  2. can we get both? remember our bigs now have not the experience to practice with.they only have each other. as they get older they'll be ok, just need a banger badly.