Thursday, November 4, 2010

Is Daniel Moore IU's Best Point Guard?

Here’s a thought while we continue to wait on Cody Zeller’s college basketball choice – is Daniel Moore IU’s best point guard?

Yes, we know Jordan Hulls has an edge because of his intelligent play and strong outside shooting. In the exhibition victory over Franklin he had five points, five assists, three rebounds and two turnovers. That’s solid stuff.

Verdell Jones will get point guard minutes when he returns from his sprained ankle. He’s targeting the season opener against Florida Gulf Coast.

Still, Moore was impressive in the Night of the Living Red scrimmage and followed that up with 12 points (on 6 of 7 shooting), three steals, two assists and two turnovers against Franklin.

The 5-10 junior walk-on from Carmel is smaller than Hulls (6-foot) and Jones (6-5). He’s not the scorer that they are. Still, he hustles and plays with passion. He’s aggressive and fearless. He could have been a star at a smaller school, but he very much wanted to be a Hoosier and he absolutely can contribute.

There’s a lot to be said for that.

Sure, he’ll run into match-up problems against Big Ten guards that he didn’t against Franklin, a NCAA Division III school. But if coach Tom Crean is serious about the best players playing – and he is – then figure Moore will have a role.

Anyway, IU was solid in its 89-37 win over Franklin. The bigger-stronger-faster-more experienced Hoosiers certainly impressed veteran Franklin coach Kerry Prather.

“We watched quite a bit of film from the last several games preparing for this. I think they’re much better. I was impressed with their patience and their discipline. That’s still with a crew that’s not completely healthy. I think when they get everybody out and at full speed …

“Folks are looking for a turning of the corner. That corner is about to be turned.”


  1. Sure, Daneiel Moore could do very well as long as you play Franklin college or a similar sacrificial lamb. (The preseason schedule is loaded with them) However, it is interesting to watch the other team run play after play isolating him on defense, and he still turns the ball over way too much.

  2. I sure hope they don't use Verdell Jones at the point. He is a walking, talking turnover machine. He is much better when he is a shooting guard and doesn't handle the ball so much. Watch the films from the last two years. When Verdell plays point, the other players seem to end standing watching what Verdell is doing and the offense squeals to a halt.

  3. Good article. While there isn't a huge difference between Hulls and Moore, I always thought Moore gave IU more of a spark when he was in the game. The height difference is insignificant. I'm wondering if there was pressure on Crean to start a "Mr. Basketball" over a walk-on.

  4. Moore is nimble and I notice him getting to the rim more in this early part of the season. He probably has some of the best footwork on the team, and he definitely has a big heart.

  5. The guys who kill IU are Rivers and Pritchard. Pritchard can't pass, can't shoot, can't defend, can't rebound, can't catch the ball. Until they get some genuine help inside it'll be a struggle. Rivers loves the no look pass that winds up out of bounds. If Creek stays healthy, and Crean doesn't sub every two minutes, they might surprise some people down the road.

  6. okay lets look at this with simple terms..............
    Daniel played on the WHITE team.
    Jordan played on the RED team.
    The RED team did not play as a team.
    Watford did not pass the ball to the open man he chose to drive it with 2 or more guys on him.
    Pritchard couldn't use his STRONG hand.
    Barnett was on the floor most of the time.
    Howard was on the floor to............
    They took bad shots and made bad decisions.
    Individual play killed the RED team as was spoken by a Coach after the game.
    We all know this is NOT Hulls'style.
    Nobody should be judged by a scrimmage game.
    The WHITE team didn't care who got the credit.
    The WHITE TEAM just played and passed to the open man.
    The WHITE TEAM played defense with energy.
    Bottom line the WHITE team outshined the RED team because the RED team was selfish and wanted to show their skills instead of team play.

    Okay now, the FRANKLIN SCRIMMAGE.
    Yes, Moore had 12 points, all layups, from fast breaks, steals. Great! We love that.
    But lets be real at who we were playing. Basically a very good high school team at the D3 level. Hulls had 5 points. Does that make him worse than Moore? I don't think so. Hulls was in when Watford was in who took the first 10 shots or so. He was hitting, great, against a 6'5" player at the most. Can he do that in the BIG TEN? Time will tell. I hope he can.
    Unfortunately, Hulls wasn't getting any shots, but for that game who really needs to take a 3 when we outsize the entire Franklin Team?
    After watching the game on TV last night, Hulls had a solid game. 5 assists, 5 points, 3 rebounds. He had some great passes and handled the ball, lead the team. Moore handled the ball and made some great layups. That is all find and good, but I want to see what happens when the pressure is on against good guards and high competition, not Franklin Collge.
    Now if you want to talk about lack of defense or about whose man got by them and whose man didn't, lets start by saying that Watford had 25 points, but his man had 16 or so points because he did't play any D!
    I will say it again, I like Moore, but Hulls is way better in regards to decision making and shooting. Because of last year, Hulls will have to be defended or he will knock you out with a 3 point shot. Moore on the other hand will be left wide open as he was the past 2 years.
    I am excited that the tide is changing for IU basketball and wish them all the luck this year!

  7. The guy definitely provides a spark off the bench and seems to make key O & D plays. Love his heart & hustle!

  8. Let's see - nearly at the end of the season, and Hulls averages 30.9 minutes per game, and Moore 6.6 minutes per game.

    Hmmmmm. So either this was one of the dumbest suggestions ever, or Tom Crean doesn't know much about basketball. Guess which is more likely?