Friday, May 28, 2010

Cavs Consider Sampson; Finch Leaves IU

What in the heck is going on? First it was announced there are hidden messages in Michelanglo’s Sistine Chapel masterpiece. Then we discover that Tiger Woods’ soon to be ex-wife won’t let him date until the divorce in final and she gets something like half a billion dollars. Now we hear that the Cleveland Cavaliers are considering Kelvin Sampson as their next coach.

What’s next -– Jerimy Finch leaving the Indiana football program?

Wait. Finch IS leaving the program, making him perhaps the biggest bust of an elite Cream ‘n Crimson player ever.

Hold that thought and let’s get back to Sampson.

He’s the guy who single handedly damaged two high-profile programs –- Oklahoma and Indiana -- by flouting (as in disregarding) the phone call rules. He’s banned from coaching in college for a long time, probably forever.

For the last two years Sampson has been an assistant coach with the Milwaukee Bucks. Now reports have him in the running for the Cleveland job, as well as Chicago and the Los Angeles Clippers (ex-Hoosier Eric Gordon plays for the Clippers).

Here’s a thought -- no matter what Sampson’s sins were, the man can coach. He’s won wherever he’s been. In truth, the pros, which don’t mess with phone call rules or academic standards, might be the best place for him.

So we’ll see what happens.

Then there’s Finch, a super highly heralded player out of Indianapolis Warren Central good enough to start three games at linebacker as a freshman at Florida. Then he broke his ankle while returning an interception against Tennessee, transferred to Indiana amid reports of academic ineligibility, didn’t do much in his two years in Bloomington and now is leaving.

Why he left remains a mystery, although given the fact Finch was out of position so often that coaches couldn’t trust him out there wasn’t a good sign.

Here’s the deal –- Finch couldn’t crack the starting lineup in what was a MEDIOCRE-at-best secondary wracked by injuries. In two years he played in 12 games and dominated in none.

Once upon a time Finch was considered the nation’s No. 1 prep safety. He was a man among boys who seemed certain to thrive at the college level, and beyond.

It never happened. He did record two fumble recoveries while playing special teams last season. This spring he was again a role player working behind Chris Adkins and Donnell Jones. Coach Bill Lynch never said much about Finch.

A terse IU release said Finch will not return and “will pursue other options outside the program.”

“We thank Jerimy for his contributions to the program and wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors,” Lynch said in that release.

And now you know.

Or, do you?


  1. their is a reason IU has won only two big ten games in two years: Bill Lynch not good!

  2. far better for his future to go to a smaller program and get his life in order.

    wish him and his family good luck

  3. You can;t hang this one on IU.

  4. If he was good enough to play they would have found a spot for him....heck receivers start right off the bat...he was a wreck on and off the field and read too much into how good people thought he was