Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Absolutely True Facts About Big Ten Expansion

Do you believe in conspiracies?

Of course you do.

Do you believe the truth is out there if you can get past all the cover-ups initiated by secret government agencies that insist there was no Roswell Incident or captured alien spacecraft, just weather balloons?

Sure you do.

So now we hear about a supposed email sent by Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany that squelches reports that the conference has offered Notre Dame, Nebraska, Missouri and Rutgers membership into an expanded Big Ten.

In fact, the supposed email supposedly says, no team has been offered anything.

What’s next –- word that Big Foot is a myth?

We seek answers. Here are the facts. From these we can find the truth:

FACT – Big Ten officials set a 12-to-18 month timetable to consider expanding the current 11-team conference.

FACT -- Big Ten athletic directors are set to meet in Chicago next week.

FACT -- Football and basketball coaches will be in Chicago.

FACT -- Faculty reps, Delany and noted conspiracy director Oliver Stone also will be there.

CLARIFICATION – Big Ten officials denied Oliver Stone will participate. Michael Corleone denied he had his brother in law killed. And we the only ones who see the connection?

Anyway, Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith told the AP that next week’s Chicago meeting is just a regularly scheduled annual gathering, that nothing about expansion would be decided, although there might be an update from a consultant regarding expansion.

Of course Smith would say that. Why? Because he’s one of THEM.

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