Monday, September 10, 2012

Could Kofi Hughes be IU’s No. 3 QB?

Just when you thought you know the state of Indiana’s quarterbacks, we offer this bit of intrigue:

Is receiver Kofi Hughes set to be the Hoosiers’ third quarterback?

It could happen. With Cam Coffman and Nate Sudfeld holding onto the top two spots on the depth chart in the wake of Tre Roberson’s season-ending broken leg (he’s already had surgery and is looking at a five to six-month recovery, which might get him back in time for spring practice), IU is left with a bunch of walk-ons.

Hughes, meanwhile, was a very good high school quarterback at Indianapolis Cathedral. He also played some Wildcat quarterback for IU last season.

“Kofi could take snaps at that position,” offensive coordinator Seth Littrell said. “We’ll find out. We’ll see. We have other guys on the roster. We have to get other guys ready at that position.”

Those “other guys” are walk-on freshmen Nate Boudreau, David Nelson and Corey Babb. Let’s just say it would not be ideal to have a freshman walk-on running your offense.

Here’s what coach Kevin Wilson had to say about that during Monday night’s radio show:

“After that we go to some walk-ons,” Wilson said. “We had some guys bail out on us. It is what it is. We’re fortunate to get two quality guys. Our next guy would be Corey Babb, who’s a very talented, big, 6-5, 225-pound kid who played at Cathedral. Strong-armed kid. He’s green as can be as a freshman. Not quite as polished as Nate. Probably the strongest arm as we have, but not as polished in running our system yet. He’s probably third. Then Nate Bodreau.”

The 6-2, 207-pound Hughes was the 2009 Gatorade Indiana Football Player of the Year after his senior season at Cathedral. He threw for 1,584 yards, 19 touchdowns and four interceptions that season. He also rushed for 1,552 yards and 22 TDs. He started for Cathedral’s 2008 state title team.

Hughes has played two years at receiver for IU. He caught 35 passes for 536 yards and three touchdowns last season. He also rushed for 162 yards.

Wilson used his radio show to emphasize that Coffman is the starter, but that’s contingent on the junior college transfer having a strong week of practice. Sudfeld, a true freshman from California, is very much in the mix.

“Cam’s the one on paper, but he needs to have a good week,” Wilson said. “He needs to play well because the other guy’s a good player. We’re not gonna have revolving doors, but in building a program, a beautiful word is called competition. It’s been a foreign thing around here. That’s one of the problems. Guys feel entitlement. ‘Hey, it’s my time.’ Hey, it’s his time to answer the call.

“We’ll see if (Coffman is) ready to answer the call. I believe he is. We’ve got a lot of confidence in him. He’ll do some things probably as well or better than Tre. There’s some things that Tre can do those other guys can’t. It’s a little different style of play, but we won’t change the offense. Some things will be emphasized. Certain throws he likes, certain things he does or doesn’t.”

As far as Roberson, Wilson said Roberson’s mother went to the Massachusetts hospital where Roberson had his surgery, and that Roberson is set to return to Indiana on Wednesday.

“He had a clean break about halfway between the ankle and knee, both the (tibia and fibula),” Wilson said. “It wasn’t a compound fracture, but a clean break. It’s one of those, the way they do it now, they put one of those titanium rods in there. He was at a great hospital. Supposedly the surgeries went well. It will be one of those pushing five, six month recoveries. He’ll miss this year, and playing only two games, he’ll get a medical year.”

Wilson also insisted losing Roberson doesn’t mean the Hoosiers can’t be successful this season.

“It’s just a tough deal for Tre, but at the same time, he was a quarterback who had won one game and was winning one quarter,” Wilson said. “I had a Heisman Trophy quarterback a few years ago (Sam Bradford) that got hurt in Game One. He’s already talked about how (Robert Griffin III, the 2011 Heisman Trophy winner from Baylor) broke an ankle his sophomore year and came back and had a good career. He’s got high goals high standards. He’s a special kid. He’s gonna be a great Hoosier. We’ll just have him for three years.

“As our team, we’re a band of brothers. We gotta rally up and keep moving forward. Everyone around thinks the sky is falling. It was a beautiful day. We had a great practice today. We’re showing up at 8 o’clock (on Saturday) and playing Ball State.”

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  1. It has been a mystery the last two years as to why Kofi hasn't either stepped up or been given the opportunity to compete for QB. Especially given tumultuous atmosphere of IU's QB circus the last two years.

    Kofi had a great career playing QB in high school. Some may argue that had he not been taken out early in the semi-state game, because of a separated shoulder, Cathedral would of at least gone to the State championship, giving him the opportunity to win his second in a row.

    As we have it now, we will never know how Kofi would of been at QB had he stayed at that position and continued to improve his passing skills and learn from Littrell and Johns.

    But what we do know is that within this talented group WRs, he is just a receiver being platooned in and out with 6 or 7 other receivers, and oh yea he blocks well.

    In the mean time our QB situation is once again in flux.

    Hoosier/Cathedral Nation