Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Vote For IU's Watford -- Or Else; No Idiots Here

Are you man enough and woman enough to vote for Christian Watford’s Kentucky beating buzzer beater in the ESPY Award show?

We’re about to find out.

And if you aren’t, well, what will your family and friends think of you?

What will the IRS think of you?

Not that we’re trying to influence you in any way.

Watford’s huge shot is one of 16 plays nominated for ESPY’s best play. It’s a bracket-style vote, with the 16 nominees cut to eight on Tuesday, July 3. The Final Four will be released on Monday, July. 9. You can vote until the show begins, which is 9 p.m. on July 11.

To vote, go online at

“I’m very glad to be representing the University,” Watford said in a university release. “It was a great moment for me. My teammates did the job of getting me there. Verdell (Jones) found me with the pass and Cody (Zeller) set a great screen.”

Earlier this year, Watford’s shot was named the National College Basketball Play of the Year by GEICO.

To see the play on YouTube, go to The above photo shows the wild and crazy Assembly Hall aftermath of Watford's shot.

If Watford makes the finals, he gets to travel to the nationally televised show. Yes, he wants to go.

“It would be a great honor to get to go,” he said. “Hopefully the fans can step up and help with the voting.”


If you have spent the last few weeks wondering where Flint, Mich., combo guard Monte Morris was going to college, you can sleep easy. He announced for Iowa State on Wednesday afternoon.

The Class of 2013 prospect visited IU and generated interest, but not a scholarship offer.


We recently found out, courtesy of a reader, that we are an idiot. Why? Because of this sentence from our previous blog involving Hoosier Deep Throat and Hoosier Cassandra: “(Gordon Lightfoot’s) songs told stories rather than all this rap-and-sex stuff so popular these days.”

Specifically, the reader didn’t like our rap and sex stuff part comment. He thought it showed ignorance, and worse. We thought it was incredibly funny and insightful.

So we disagreed.

In an effort to find the truth, we ran it past the most unbiased person we know, Hoosier Answer Man. Here is the absolutely fair and balanced transcript of that conversation:

HH: A reader called us an idiot for our rap-and-sex comment. We think he read WAY too much into it. Did he have a point?

HOOSIER ANSWER MAN: Yes. You are an idiot.

HH: Did we mention we have photos of you from Nick’s the other night?

HOOSIER ANSWER MAN: The reader is totally wrong. Totally.

HH: Why?

HOOSIER ANSWER MAN: Rap and sex are popular with everybody these days. For instance, Trey Songz sings about sex. Chris Brown sings about sex. That’s the same Chris Brown who beat up his his ex-girl friend (Rihanna) and got into a nightclub bottle-throwing fight with rapper Drake, who also sings about sex. Eminem rap songs are full of violence and, yes, sex.

Thank heavens REAL musicians from rock ‘n roll’s golden era, such as Mick Jagger, NEVER sang about sex or drugs.

HH: We will keep the photos from Nick’s in our private safe for the next five years, for your protection, of course. We wouldn’t want them to fall in the wrong hands and expose your true identity.

HOOSIER ANSWER MAN: You are too kind. Oh. We want to be clear. The reader is totally wrong. You are a genius.

HH: Thank you.

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