Tuesday, October 25, 2011

For Roberson, Youth Not Wasted on Young; Football Intrigue

Just in case you forgot how special Trey Roberson’s first career start as a college quarterback was, consider that it earned him Big Ten freshman of the week honors.

He went 16-for-24 for 197 yards and a touchdown against Iowa, and didn’t throw an interception. He also rushed for 84 yards, the most by a Hoosier quarterback since Kellen Lewis ran for 148 against Ball State.

Oh, yes. He’s also the first true freshman quarterback to ever start for Indiana.

And he did all that at Iowa, a place that is not visitor friendly. It is the home of the famous pink visiting locker room, after all.

For the season Roberson is 29-for-46 (63.0 percent) for 355 yards, one touchdown and one interception. He’s also rushed for 146 yards and a TD.

Roberson will start on Saturday when IU (1-7) faces Northwestern (2-6) for a Memorial Stadium Homecoming. The Wildcats are 0-5 in the Big Ten, but they have shown a strong ability to score.

Under quarterback Dan Persa, they are a dangerous passing team. If you’ve seen the Hoosiers play defense lately, particularly pass defense, you know this is a scary thought.

Still, this might be IU’s best chance to win a Big Ten game this season. We’ll see if it can make the most of it.


Do you like intrigue? Do you enjoy seeking deeper meaning in the words of others?

That consider Kevin Wilson’s comments during his radio show Monday night. He was asked about the number of players who have left his program since he took over from Bill Lynch.

More than 15 players have left for a variety of reasons. For instance, tailback Darius Willis is done because of knee injuries. Tailback Nick Turner and defensive end Kevin Bush have left by their own choice.

“We do have some attrition, guys going by the wayside,” Wilson said on his show. “But I’m kind of a stickler on you gotta go to class, you gotta go to study hall, you gotta practice hard, and we do some mandatory drug testing. Some things are happening where some guys don’t want to stay with us. I think as it goes through, we’re cleaning up the house a little bit.”

Does the mention of mandatory drug testing -- and “cleaning up the house” -- suggest it was a factor with some of the departed players? Sure it does. Let’s face it. When you have more than 100 players on a team, including walk-ons, some guys are going to mess up. To no one’s surprise, some college students drink before they’re 21. Others do drugs. College athletes are not immune. But they, unlike regular students, can be tested for drugs.

When they do, and depending on the kind of drug and the number of positive tests, it can lead to a parting of the ways.

And so, apparently, it has.


Now it’s official, Indiana will play at Ohio State on Nov. 5 with a noon kickoff.

Ohio Stadium has not been a friendly place to the Hoosiers (or to any visiting team) over the years. They have only won there once since 1951 -- in 1987 when they won 31-10. They’ve been outscored 82-13 the last two times they’ve played there.

Just saying.


  1. Even though Gunnar Kiel's "reopening" of his recruitment (sorry everyone, but Kiel is not coming to IU) was a blow to Coach Wilson and the Hoosier faithful, I don't think it hurts us as much as everyone thinks it might. The only way that losing Kiel's commitment would really hurt IU is if we go back to the Wright-Baker - Kiel senior QB duel. IU must 100 percent commit to Tre Roberson as our QB and stay with him through the ups and downs that a young QB in the Big Ten will have. Then, when Coach Wilson and his staff start to recruit better players in other need areas, Roberson will have the experience to lead the group successfully. We have our quarterback in Roberson- I just hope everyone can see that.

  2. Kevin Wilson already on the hot seat with Kiel's decommittment?