Thursday, June 30, 2011

Top of the Basketball Heap -- Is IU's Class of 2012 Really No. 1?

Is Indiana’s Class of 2012 the nation’s No. 1 group of basketball recruits?

Darn right, some will say. The class of point guard Yogi Ferrell, combo guard Ron Patterson, small forward Jeremy Hollowell, power forward Hanner Perea and center Peter Jurkin has every position covered, with talent to spare.

And yet, Bob Gibbons says, that might be jumping the gun.

Gibbons has been evaluating recruits for 32 years, which basically makes him the elder statesman of the profession. He’s seen it all more than once as the publisher of All-Star Sports. And while he appreciates the talent Hoosier coach Tom Crean has assembled in that class, he’s not quite ready to annoit it as the best.

“It’s certainly one of the top classes,” he says. “It’s too early, at this point in time, to say it’s No. 1. But just in terms of sheer numbers and talent level, you could make a strong case for them being No. 1.”

As far as who is the best recruit in IU’s class, most rankings list the high-jumping athletic Perea. Not so fast, Gibbons says. Ferrell has an upside that can’t be ignored.

“He’s going to be an immediate impact player. I think he’s their top-rated recruit in this class.”

Gibbons had more to say about IU’s recruiting under Crean, and we’ll address that in an upcoming blog.


Brace yourself for another July of basketball recruiting adventure. Coming next week to Indianapolis is the second annual adidas Invitational Class that features some of the top high school talent in the country. It runs July 6-9 at nine different sites around the city. That includes North Central High School, Westfield High School, Park Tudor High School and the Fishers’ Fieldhouse.

More than 400 college coaches showed up to watch and be seen, but not talk. They can’t talk to players at any of the July travel basketball events.

They will, however, take as much advantage as they can of the two 10-day windows to watch players in action. Those windows are July 6-15 and July 22-31. It’s a great way for them to see recruits play against elite competition.


Does Athlon Magazine have it in for Indiana University, or does it write the truth?

You be the judge.

The magazine has come out with its annual college football previous issue. It includes an analysis of the Big Ten and the Hoosiers.

It rates every Big Ten team in terms of seven key positions –- quarterback, running back, wide receiver/tight end, offensive line, defensive line, linebacker and defensive back.

IU does not come off well. It is listed last at quarterback, running back, offensive line and defensive back. It is 11th at defensive line. It is rated decent only at receiver, with a No. 6 rating.

Ohio State has no position lower than a No. 5, which is at receiver. It should be noted the magazine’s deadline came before quarterback Terrell Pryor left the program and turned pro.

Anyway, is this an accurate reflection of the Hoosiers’ prospects under new coach Kevin Wilson? History suggests yes, but history doesn’t determine the future. Performance does. The Hoosiers do have talent. Not national championship-caliber skill, but enough to win with. Can Wilson maximize it?

We’ll know in about five months.

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  1. On rating recruiting classes, is Van Coleman still alive and doing his news letter?, he is, or was, one of the best.