Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Offensive Coordinator Envisions ‘Unique’ Approach

So here was Brent Pease, barely 12 hours arrived in Bloomington, braced to hit the recruiting road, envisioning an offense that could help lead Indiana to football success.

Pease had been part of Boise State’s offensive powerhouse while coaching the wide receivers. Now he’s the Hoosiers’ offensive coordinator looking to take the best of Boise State’s high-powered attack along with that of Oklahoma’s potent approach.

New head coach Kevin Wilson, if you’ve forgotten, directed Oklahoma’s record-setting offense.

“I think it will be unique that we’re going to combine what they’ve done at Oklahoma and what we’ve done at Boise State,” Pease said. “Tempo is a big thing. At Boise State we had personnel packages that shift in motion combined with tempo. It’s putting guys in matchups to have explosive plays.”

Pease will run the offense, but there will be plenty of influence from Wilson. They’ll join forces to maximize the Hoosiers’ scoring.


“You’ve got to build from inside out,” Pease said. “You start with the offensive line and go out. If we can get all those guys in place and put in all those components, deception and a good balance with the run game and the pass game, things should be exciting.”

A lot of coaches talk about offensive versatility and developing a mix between the run and the pass. Does Pease envision a 50-50 balance?

“Ideally it’s 50-50, but I see a situation of being explosive and keeping people off balance where you can throw it a little bit more,” he said. “I don’t think that will take away from any of the strengths of the kids who are here and the kids we’re recruiting.

“It comes down to getting the playmakers the ball. That’s not necessarily one guy. It comes from across the board -- the running backs, the receivers. Get them to touch the ball as many times as you can and allow them to take the game over.”

It starts with the quarterback and IU will have inexperience there. Dusty Kiel and Edward Wright-Baker barely played this season as fifth-year senior Ben Chappell wrapped up a record-setting career. Tre Roberson, Indiana’s Mr. Football this past season, is set to arrive in Bloomington in the summer.

While competition will determine the starting quarterback, Pease did say he prefers more of a dual-threat quarterback.

“That’s football nowadays,” he said. “If you can get a dual-threat guy, that’s a big plus. You know what defenses are afraid of. But however you fit in to make the offense go, you build to a kid’s strengths.”

What else is Pease looking for, including recruiting? What happens now that receiver Tandon Doss is skipping his senior season to enter the NFL Draft?

We’ll touch on that in the next blog.

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