Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Game Begins – What’s Up With The IU Coaching Search

We’re not gonna do it.

We refuse to dip into name-a-coach speculation that is so rampant in these who-will-Indiana-hire days.

As sure as there’s a BRADY HOKE (a Ball State grad and former Michigan assistant coach with a program-resurrecting resume) at San Diego State, we’ll take the high road.

We respect the privacy that Indiana seeks in its search, and we absolutely won’t stoop to tossing out names as if we were throwing darts at a dart board made up to look like Navy’s KEN KIUMATALOLO (three years, 26-12 record).

It’s about professionalism, you see. Really, what in the name of Temple’s AL GOLDEN (17-7 over the last two years at a perennial loser) do we really know about athletic director Fred Glass’ search? Privacy is so valued he’s not even risking a search committee, as if we would stoop to trying to get a search committee person to break by playing, say, the best of Air Force’s TROY CALHOUN (33-18 over the past four years) coaching clips.

So let the other guys mention Northern Illinois’ Jerry Kill (127-71 record, 10-2 this year) or the Indiana ties of Houston’s Kevin Sumlin (a three-year record of 23-16, an Indianapolis native).

Let somebody else speculate about major college assistants such as Florida offensive coordinator Steve Addazio (perhaps the most intense offensive line coach IU has ever had) or Wisconsin offensive coordinator Paul Chryst (was it his idea to run up the score against the Hoosiers?) or former Bill Mallory man Scott Shafter (the Syracuse defensive coordinator and ex-Hoosier grad assistant).

We are above all that.

Okay, basketball coach Tom Crean was asked about Jim Harbaugh. Tom is married to Jim’s sister, Joani. Jim is the successful coach at Stanford, which is 11-1 and a top-5 team. Tom said he won’t comment. He is friends with Bill Lynch. He recognizes the important of the search. That’s about it.

Glass knows he has to hire the right person, although a cynic would say there is no right person. This will be the sixth coach in the last 14 years. The Hoosiers have not had a coach finish with a winning record since Bo McMillin retired in 1947.

But Indiana has improved its facilities. It has the largest weight room in the country. It was one of the best academic support centers in America. It has a gigantic scoreboard. And, it seems, it has enough money to pay for a top-level coach and his staff.

How much is that? Lynch was the lowest paid football coach in the Big Ten at $658,750. Ohio State’s Jim Tressel makes the most at $3,722,000. Iowa’s Kirk Ferentz is at $3,024,500. Michigan’s Rich Rodriguez is at $2,251,000. Michigan State’s Mark Dantonio is at $1,811,260. Illinois’ Ron Zook is at $1,505,000. Wisconsin’s Brett Bielema is at $1,481,056. Penn State’s Joe Paterno makes $1,097,767 not counting outside income. Purdue’s Danny Hope is at $825,000, not counting outside income.

Crean, in case you’re wondering, makes about $2.2 million.

As it is, this decision will likely set the program back a year or two as the new coach implements his new system and brings in his players and staff. Glass will allow returning players to offer input on the coaching search, although what that means remains uncertain. He will tap into the expertise of nationally known consultant Chuck Neinas, who was a factor in Urban Meyer going to Florida, Mack Brown to Texas, Bob Stoops to Oklahoma and Les Miles to LSU.

Glass told the players he will move as fast as he can while striving to get the right guy.

And if that right guy is, say, TODD GRAHAM (42-23 record, 9-3 this year) at Tulsa, you didn’t hear it from us.


  1. Heh, heh... love your style Pete. If IU wants a sure hire we have to be willing to pay in the top echelon of the Big Ten. We have the facilities and a great University tucked into one of the most scenic areas you'll find, yet we don't have the tradition. That will cost us a little extra if we want to secure the "Right" hire. Consider $2.5 to $3.5 million an investment in the future of the program. Enough $$$ will allow Fred Glass to GET his man.

  2. Harbough won't be interested-=ask Deep Throat.

    I'd rather IU think outside box and get someone like Trent Green who will attract recruits especially QBs.

  3. QB's are not our problem.....we don't need one man we need an entire team. That is how you win football games. IU has had good players in the last 15 years, but not good teams. I think Boise State could part ways with their coach....anyone with me?

  4. I'm not with you of course as you don't have a name it wouldn't matter.

    Trent Green would inspire all sorts of recruits and QB could easily be a problem next year or down the road.

    Boise State is not a program we want to emulate-its basically a jr college with a division one designation.