Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What To Make Of Zeller’s Official Visits

Once upon a time, all really good southern Indiana high school basketball players went to Indiana. Guys like Calbert Cheaney, Damon Bailey and Steve Bouchie became Hoosiers because of Bob Knight, the program’s tradition and a chance to win national and Big Ten championships.

Then life got more complex and, as we know, Tom Crean arrived to restore order to the Cream ‘n Crimson universe. The best way, of course, would be to go 36-0 and win the national championship.

How hard could it be?

Of course, that’s not likely to happen anytime soon, but what COULD happen is that a very significant southern Indiana basketball player might sign with the Hoosiers.

Yes, we’re talking about Cody Zeller, who just might do what older brothers Luke and Tyler didn’t do –- become a Hoosier. Luke went to Notre Dame. Tyler is at North Carolina.

As the world knows, Cody has narrowed his choices to Indiana, North Carolina and Butler. He will decide in time for the November signing period after making his three official visits.

It’s the timing of those visits that provide the best indication of where Cody is leaning. In case that indication isn’t clear enough, we have decided to utilize our years of journalistic experience and keen insight into the way teenagers think tell you.

Any questions before we start?


It's too scary to detail here.


Yes. I was told that if I shaved my head and grew a goatee, I would look EXACTLY like George Clooney.


Not exactly.

Anyway, the 6-10 Zeller is set to visit Butler Oct. 9-11, North Carolina Oct. 15-17 and Indiana Oct. 29-31.

A couple of things about that. North Carolina was not really interested in Zeller until July, when this Washington High School standout played at a very high level on the AAU circuit. Coach Roy Williams noticed and the recruiting scene altered because, well, Williams and the Tar Heels are tough to turn down.

So Zeller hasn’t, at least not yet.

Butler might have had a chance before last spring’s Final Four run. Now it’s a program all recruits have to consider. Yes, that means Zeller.

The Bulldogs’ surprising surge to the national championship game provided a game-changing boost to recruiting. It showed that a small school does have a shot at a national championship –- and landing big-time players.

Zeller’s visit to North Carolina comes on its annual Midnight Madness. This is, and we can’t state this enough, not a coincidence. The pageantry surrounding this kind of event to kick off college basketball practice can overwhelm your average recruit.

Zeller, of course, is not average.

Thus, IU gets the last crack at him, and this is very good. You want to make a lasting impression. Be the last thing on his mind before he makes one of the biggest decisions of his life.

No matter what happens, figure Zeller will make the right decision.


  1. Dont forget the visits at his house those will be important too

  2. I grew up in Indiana. All I ever wanted to be was an IU basketball player. I'm not sure if Cody Zeller or anyone in his family has ever felt that way but if they know what IU basketall is like when things are really good this wouldn't be a tough choice. And I believe things are close to being really good again. Good luck to Cody wherever he ends up. God Bless the Hoosiers!

  3. I spoke to Cody the other night and asked him about the sequence of how he schedule his visits and why he did it that way. He stated that Butler invited him up there the weekend of a colts game and that was the reason for that date. Next North Carlina asked him to go for their midnight madness and he of course agreed since his brother will be there. And at the time NC asked him, IU had not invited him yet. So IU of course invited him for Halloween because it was open for him and who wouldnt want to go to Btown for Halloween weekend!

  4. If you are a Indiana kid and you have a opportunity to play for I.U. There is absolutely
    nowhere else that as many doors will be open to you as playing for the Hoosiers. That is just the way it is.