Saturday, April 3, 2010

Can Indiana Get Marquis Teague?

So now Indiana’s Hoosiers wait. Will Marquis Teague choose them? Will the nation’s second-ranked player in the Class of 2011 -- out of Indianapolis Pike High School, no less -- see the Cream ‘n Crimson light or will he succumb to the recruiting pitches of Kentucky, Purdue, Louisville or Cincinnati?

We’ll know soon enough.

Teague, of course, is not a big man, and IU absolutely needs a couple of good big guys, but if you get a chance to land an elite guard, even if he’s a potential one-and-done guy, you’ve got to take a shot.

And so coach Tom Crean has.

Yes, the fact Louisville coach Rick Pitino just signed a four-year extension, which keeps him there until 2017, hurts the Hoosier cause. So does the fact Teague’s father, Shawn, once played for Pitino. So does the fact that Kentucky coach John Calipari, fresh off an Elite Eight run, has a knack for signing and quickly developing guards who leave early for NBA riches. So does the fact Purdue has become a national power that in two years will need a powerhouse guard to replace E’Twaun Moore.

You could argue that Teague might not be a good fit at IU, that the leave-early-for-the-NBA attitude might be the last thing Crean needs for his rebuilding, that Teague will likely not come to Bloomington so it’s best to target others.

Crean, of course, is targeting others.

You could argue all that, but the bottom line is you can’t ignore a player this good who lives barely an hour from your campus, and Crean isn’t. Teague has the kind of skills his program needs and every program wants, and if they sometimes come with potential glitches, well, welcome to the world of big-time basketball.

Anyway, Teague will soon pick a school, and if it turns out to be the Hoosiers, it will be a huge boost for Crean’s program and recruiting. And if the odds don't favor IU, well, they didn't seem to favor Butler at the start of the season, and look where the Bulldogs are now.

End of argument.


  1. There are several other guards in the state that will stick around for more than 1 year that can get the job is a "team game"...not a "me game"

  2. If Teague is a "one and done" then Pitino's contract extension means nothing. Pitino could be under contract until the next millenium and it doesn't matter if Teague is playing in the NBA two years from now.

  3. If you were a five star guard would you want to play on the worst big ten program. question answered!

  4. Answer: No way. Again, this perversion with long shots is getting old. You answered your own question. Now you have every premium poster typing their fingers to a nub arguing the possibilities. And when this one gets away, you and others can quote a source about a target in Zimbabwe or Costa Rica. If Teagues was going to sign with IU, what has changed with the IU situation that would make this a great situation for him?

  5. Did you happen to catch the guard-play this year? Especially at PG, both offense and defense. Yes, Indiana could use a big guy, but to say it isn't just as important in finding a guard that can take care of the ball, and defend, is crazy.

    IU has no chance landing Teague. That's not just an opinion.

  6. Worthless article

  7. What argument? I'm going to have to insist you step up the quality of your posts. Most seem like some kind of weird day dream. Nothing much to offer and in this case, hurtful to the program.

  8. Who do we have at point guard that is a legit ball handler and shooter? hulls can shoot, not much of a slasher. Rivers has one more season and even if he didn't, he has an outside shot that some would say rivals Shaq. All in all, I think a PG who can slash and shoot is as much of a priority as a big man.

  9. There have been so many elite players the past year or so that seemed ready to commit to the Hoosiers,then went somewhere else,its been very disheartening! Kyrie Irving,Abraham Moses are the two most recent that have slipped away,the latter of which still stinks with under-handed Thompson,Boncore,Hoya's B.S. Seemed like they were headed our way,then did'nt,so maybe this one will go our way for a change! It would be huge in my view! I still think Tom Crean was the right hire and I'm not giving up hope on him.I thought he should have been hired the first go around before the Sampson DISASTER. THINGS WILL START GOING OUR WAY SOON AND WHEN THEY DO,LOOK OUT EVERYONE ELSE. THE BAND WAGON WILL SUDDENLY BECOME A FULL SYMPHONY WAGON!!!

  10. I love Indiana basketball!